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About Me

Hey Hey! I’m Susie

I’m so excited to meet you!

My mission is to help uplift as many moms like you as possible.

As a collective, we are the hardest working, multitasking, most stressed-out people on the planet, and it can be so easy to forget we have our own goals and ambitions to achieve. So how can you do it all AND have a positive attitude at the same time?

That’s what this site is here to help you learn how to do! To inspire you to find the small golden nuggets from my own journey as a mom and make them your own.

Blogger Susie Guinn of GoldenGuinn

“How do you do it?”

Jeez, if I had $100 for every time someone asked me how I held it all together with twin babies, a toddler (my oldest was 2 1/2 when the twins were born), a full-time working (and full-time student at the time) husband, I’d never have to work again!! However, the reality is that it is mentally, emotionally, and physically tough to be a mom!! There have been long nights, longer days, and even longer, wetter tears through the process. I know you can relate.

However, I figured out what I was truly made of in those early baby days, lemme tell you, and learned quite a few things along the way. Like how to get and stay positive despite the chaos, what to do when I feel overwhelmed, creating and keeping a routine or schedule to harness the disorder, and how to take steps towards my own goals (like this blog). At my lowest point, I found the path to building a growth mindset and experienced positive changes in my life. The beautiful thing is that I’m still learning, so let’s do it together!

You too CAN do it all! Being a mom, a wife, a partner, a friend, an employee, a boss, or whatever hat you have on today can and should be a part of your story, but not become the villain that comes in and takes over. It’s about finding the balance in those categories, understanding who you are at the core, and letting that personality shine through each chapter, subheading, and footnote of your life.

You can do it too! Success on the mountain top
About Susie Guinn - My family

A little more about me…

Oh, look, I’m an overworked, busy mom just like you! I work full-time in the financial securities industry by day and am a Creative Writer (hello, this blog!) and Graphic Designer by night (or any time I can cram it in tbh). My tribe includes my partner in crime, Noah, and our three cookies: Layla, Khaya & Zahara (twins).

Need a place to start?

Check out my recommended reading list for books to start or continue on your Personal Growth journey.